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Our storm damage claim was declined by our insurance company and our assessor told us that there was nothing we could do about it. A year later we contacted Colm who reviewed our Insurance policy and claim documents and started our appeal process.  The claim was eventually reopened by our insurance company and thanks to Colm’s diligent work and genuine passion to have our claim overturned, we received our full compensation for the storm damage to our roof. 

Gerard Hastings


The roof barges and slates on my house were damaged during a storm. Our claim was settled very quickly and we were very happy with our settlement amount, I would have no hesitation in recommending Colm’s service to anyone. 

John Joyce


I received an inadequate settlement offer for my flood damage claim from my insurance company and I contacted Colm to get his advice.  Colm reviewed my claim within a matter of days our offer was significantly increased and our claim was settled! I was very impressed with the overall outcome and how quickly my claim was resolved once Colm became involved. 

D. Morahan

Co. Mayo

Colm assessed our leaking pipe claim in a rented house we owned. Colm’s advice and expertise was very helpful and we received a very favourable settlement from our Insurance Company for the damage to the house, we also received compensation for the loss of rental income due to the leak, which we didn’t know was covered by the policy.



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