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Colm Staunton & Associates

Property Claims Assessors

Working on behalf of you the homeowner and business owner,

managing your claim and negotiating the settlement you deserve.

Do you need help to manage your insurance claim? 

With our expert advice your claim will be managed professionally and we will negotiate the best possible settlement for you.

During the complicated procedure of making an Insurance claim, we work exclusively for you, the home or business owner, by protecting your interests and ensuring that you receive your maximum entitlement. When you have an insurance claim, your insurance company appoints THEIR own loss adjuster to work on THEIR behalf and to protect THEIR interests. Make sure you have the same representation to protect your interests. 


We will take the stress out of making a claim which can be complicated, financially costly to you and a time consuming procedure! If you have suffered damage to your property or business contact Colm Staunton now

on 098 87000 or 087 4102083 or

Why you need to choose us:

  • 17 years’ experience in the property claims business representing Insurance Companies.

  • We negotiate the maximum settlement you are entitled to.

  • Vast knowledge of insurance policies and wordings.

  • We have a very high success rate in our claims settlement.

  • We take the stress and paperwork out of the complicated claims procedure.

  • We save you time and money.

  • Colm is a qualified Building Surveyor and Member of Institute of Engineers Ireland.

  • Colm is a Certified Insurance Practitioner and has completed a Professional Diploma in Insurance (Awarded by University College Dublin).



Fire Damage,



Chimney Fires


Storm/Flood Damage,

Burst Pipes, Subsidence



Malicious Damage,


& Business

Business Interruption, 

Stock Damage, etc.

Typical losses/claims we deal with 

  • Escape of Water / Burst Pipe

  • Chimney Fire 

  • Smoke

  • Storm or Flood

  • Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake

  • Freezing 

  • Escape of Oil

  • Accidental Damage

  • Business Interruption / Loss of Profits

  • Contractors All Risks

  • Property management claims 

  • Agricultural / forestry claims

  • Impact Damage

  • Theft / Malicious damage / Vandalism

  • Third Party Claims


Our fee charge  

We charge a professional fee for our services as we work for you and not the insurance company. Our fee scale will be agreed with you before you appoint us to act for you.  Time and time again we have received feedback from our customers that the fee charged for our services has been proven to be value for money. 

Should your claim not be successful we do not charge a fee and there is no charge for our initial consultation. 


The Claims Process

Step 1

Inspect damage, confirm policy cover applies, report claim to your insurers.

Step 2

Meet insurance representative, agree schedule of repair works

Step 3

Prepare and submit a comprehensive bill of quantities and submit claim paperwork.

Step 4

Negotiate with your insurance company to obtain the best possible settlement.

Step 5

Ensure the payment is issued promptly without delay.

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